Farbiges Scheinwerferlicht leuchtet durch Bühnennebel

Transforming stagefright into presence

Zoom workshop for performers:

My OVERCOMING STAGE-FRIGHT course starts next week and there are still a few places available.

After such a long break from performing you might be eager but also a little anxious to get back on stage. I would like to support you in putting all the chances for a great start on your side. I my classes we will create a deep understanding of fear and how to conquer it in order to take your talent to the next level.

About me:

I have been working as a professional juggler for 20+ years. Juggling is a very delicate technique which requires maintaining a strong focus. Therefore handling stage fright in a constructive manner has been essential in my career as internationally acclaimed artist. To be honest it took me a while to reach a consistent quality and ease in my performance but in the process of getting there I learned to adress the issue from different angles and in great depth.

In addition to my work as a performer I work as a certified consciousness and meditation coach. It is my great pleasure to make all this experience available to you.

The course:

1st session: The nature of fear. Understand it to overcome it.

2nd session: Who is afraid? Embracing our shadow.

3rd session: The present moment. Awareness versus focus.

4th session: Moving beyond the mind to acchieve flow and excellence.

Feedback from the last run of the class:

„In only four sessions Lena somehow gave me access to a few very practical tools to deal with stress on stage. Very easy exercises that I think everybody can benefit from. Visualizations that give you focus and confidence. But besides that I was given an insight of my fear and my own being. Not by talking, but in experiencing myself in a way that would not leave any room for distracting thoughts and expectations. I highly recommend working with Lena if you deal with stage fright, because in facing it, you will get so much more space to do what you intended in the first place. Lena has been a very gentle and patient coach who did not need to break any walls, but just knocked on the right doors to make my experience flow. And to start a new journey.“

We will meet on Zoom:

2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd of june at 5pm Berlin time

The price for the whole course is 149 €.

Please register by e-mail: info@diaboloqueeen.com

Looking forward to seeing you!